Captain America: Civil War Review



Welcome to a spoiler filled, deep analysis of Captain America Civil War.

 First off, we are not going to compare this movie to Batman v Superman like every other reviewer because it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Let’s not waste time and get right to our review.


First Reactions

Seppin: It was a good movie. My three favorite characters in this film were Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Black Panther. Personally, I thought the screenwriting was not the best and there were slight editing problems. Overall, it was a good Marvel movie.

Rek: If you are bored on a Saturday afternoon, go ahead and watch this film, but if you are expecting Civil War you will be disappointed. Let’s start off by saying that I am a big Captain America fan and I was angry that this wasn’t his movie, and it was absolutely nothing like the comics. I was even more angry to see that Baron Von Zemo was wasted, one of my personal favorite Marvel villains.

Am I taking this to a critical level? Probably, but I’m just seeing this from the perspective of a real Captain America fan.





Let’s talk spoilers. Go away now if you haven’t seen it yet.


No seriously.




-Spiderman! He literally stole the movie. The best interpretation of Spiderman we have ever seen. Tom Holland nailed it.

-Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther did a great job. He was the epitome of T’Challa.

-Ant-Man is actually now apart of the Marvel Universe and we couldn’t be happier and he’s also GIANT MAN.

-Airport fight was great. The best scene in the movie.

-Scarlet Witch is the real MVP! She saved the day and literally saved everyone in the movie…Although she is to blame about War Machine getting paralyzed and she also blew up the office building, killing a bunch of people.

-The interaction between Falcon and Bucky was terrific. It’s a bit awkward since they are both Cap’s partners, but they played off each other very well.

-We did like the world building they did with this movie.



-Captain America and Iron Man. We think they were both too extreme in their views and we didn’t really like them very much. Cap was being somewhat naive and Tony was a bit of a cry baby.

-Villains? Wasted. Baron Von Zemo was completely stupid. His story needed to be used more and he was forgettable which is a shame. Crossbones? He was in the movie for four minutes? One of the biggest Captain America villains? And what was up with his CGI burnt face?

-The ending was…meh. It was almost like a fairy-tale ending where everything was wrapped up in a tidy bow and everyone lived happily ever after (Disney). We saw it coming from a mile away.

-Black Widow was extremely underused. She was supposed to be the big traitor…not so much.

-This should not have been called Civil War. It is not even loosely based off the comics. If it was called Avengers 2.5 or Winter Soldier Part 2 or even Captain America Serpent Society, then maybe we could have overlooked some of the glaring deficiencies, but there was no attempt to even satisfy us comic book fans.

-The CGI was somewhat poor, especially the Iron Man suit.

-Who thought it was a good idea to give Vision clothes? We don’t think that’s right.



Mid Credit Scene


Captain America brings Bucky to Wakanda and T’Challa freezes Bucky because the Winter Soldier is too dangerous until he can overcome his Hydra brainwashing.

The scene was good, but it was the panoramic view of Wakanda at the end that was so epic. It looks just like how we imagined it would look and props for the giant panther monument.


End Credit Scene


Yoooooo! The Spidey signal! It was amazing to see and probably the only almost jump out of our seats moment (other than Wakanda and Giant Man)



Seppin:  7.8

Rek: 6.8

MSR: 7.1

PSR: Let’s just say, Papa SeppinRek leaned over at the 20 minute mark and whispered ‘This movie sucks’. He did not like it, BUT he did laugh at every Paul Rudd moment.


We want your opinion only if you have seen the movie though! No trolls! Also remember these are just our lowly perspectives.







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