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Batman Suicide Squad role

Batman-News. com had a nice article regarding an exclusive scoop on just who exactly Batman interacts with and how big Batman’s role in Suicide Squad actually is in the movie.

They can confirm that Batman does not cross paths with every member of the squad, which debunks earlier rumors that we would see him arrest every one of them. He apparently has an emotional scene with Deadshot and we are going to speculate that maybe Batman has a soft spot for this devoted dad.

There is also another flashback scene between Batman and Deadshot.

For those of us hoping for an epic showdown between Batman and Joker, apparently according to this new report, that does not occur. We have seen in the trailer Batman on top of the Jokermobile, but they can confirm (as Seppin predicted) that the Joker may actually ditch the car and Harley is plunged into the water. Batman, of course, saves her life, before giving her up to Amanda Waller.

Nothing too surprising here. We were looking for a showdown between the Joker and Batman, but we know it will only be a matter of time before that happens and we’re good with that.

Suicide Squad comes out in theaters August 5, 2016

73 days!





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