Wrecking Rek Wednesday

Reking Rek


Welcome back to the most requested post for this website. Just kidding, but I wish it was. Instead of having Seppin choose the comic for me, I was able to pick my own comic to read. Let’s just say that it is a very recent Marvel comic.

Can you guess it?



If you were correct, please give yourself a pat on the back. Or don’t.



In this post, I am going to give a completely honest review. I will not be holding back my opinion, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

First off, I would like to comment on the artwork. The graphical artiste of Jesus Saiz is beautiful and I congratulate you. Praise Jesus!


The fighting in this comic was well done and it was honestly the only thing that I was interested in.

Now that I have spoken about what I like, I have Seppin’s permission to describe everything that I thought was wrong with this comic.

Shall we start off with Captain America and his democratic divas. Jack Flag was used well in this comic, but he seemed like the weakest character on the team. And who is this… Free Spirit was completely underused, which was disappointing. And where is Falcon/ Captain America?

I felt like the backstory of the young bomber was unnecessary and did not help the plot at all, which is already pretty bad. I also wanted to talk about how Steve Rogers got his youth back. Supposedly, he received it as a gift from a all-powerful toddler. Her name is Kobik.


I liked Baron Zemo in this comic. He is what Zemo should have been in Civil War.

Finally, I can give my opinion on the last few slides of this comic. It has been over seventy-five years since Captain America appeared and he has been fighting HYDRA ever since.

After inspiring so many people with the feeling of freedom, Marvel has decided to make it so Cap’ has always been working with the evil organization. I find this idiotic and slander against the old Steve Rogers’ comics. I can understand that Steve is a great character to use, but this story line is ridiculous. I am a huge Steve Rogers/ Captain America fan and this comic disgusts me because it is trying to change the strong American pride that people find in Steve Rogers. I wish that I could say that this is a good comic, but the plot is disturbing and I am enraged by what they did with Steve Rogers.

Thank you for reading my rant, that is if you actually read the paragraph of pure hatred above.

Rek’s Rating:

1/5 *

“27% – Rotten Tomatoes”

*fake smile* Thank you Nick Spencer.

*Thumbs up* Great job, Jesus!


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