Telltale Games Introduces Batman


Hello everyone, guess what? We finally got some more news about the new Batman Telltale Game! There are new images from the game and some of the voicing cast. So let us check out some of these pictures and give you our thoughts.


So we see Batman and Catwoman going through Gotham’s skyscrapers. We’re assuming that he just caught her trying to steal from someone. Now we still aren’t that sure when this is taking place, but it doesn’t seem like Year One. Actually we’re thinking that it takes place during Batman’s prime years before the Bat family. It actually looks sort of reminiscent of the animated series from these images, but like the Arkham games.


Aw yeah, the Batmobile. Overall it looks great. We can’t wait to have conversations while driving and the eventual quick time events.




Bruce Wayne is in front of the Bat Computer. Can’t quite make out any of the writing, but we can see the stereotypical background to the Bat Computer.


So this is the image that we find the most interesting mostly because we can see the family portrait in the background. We think that Telltale is actually going to go into the trauma that Bruce still has about his parents murders.


So who do we have voicing these characters?

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Troy Baker

(Yes the Joker is going to be Batman)

Selina Kyle/ Catwoman: Laura Bailey

(From Tales from the Borderlands)

Two-Face/ Harvey Dent: Travis Willingham

(Rachet and Clank)

Vicki Vale: Erin Yvette


Alfred Pennyworth: Enn Reitel

(Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)

James Gordon: Murphy Guyer

(Red Dead Redemption)

Carmine Falcone: Richard McGonagle

(Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End)


Great Professional Voice actors and some amazing writers. We can’t wait for…




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