Dead Rising 4, Watchdogs 2, & Mafia 3. Rek’s Take


Reking Rek

Hello everybody and welcome to Rek’s takes on the recent video game trailers that have been released recently. Today, I will be going through the Watchdogs 2 trailer, Mafia 3 (which I wanted to do for a while now), and talk about the trailer for Dead Rising 4. Let’s get started.


Watchdogs 2


Well that was an interesting trailer! I, Rek, have not actually finished playing the first game, but Seppin thought that it was a great game. It seems to me that a group of people saw Aiden’s actions as revolutionary and they are now going to take up his cause. The California atmosphere is cool and the graphics are beautiful. I have hopes for the game and can’t wait to see the reaction it will receive after the fan’s “mixed” reaction to Watchdogs. I am not allowed to say anything bad about this game because Seppin would have a knife to my throat in an instant. Without further adieu, here is Seppin’s response to the trailer.

Seppin’s Response:

Unlike most people, I was a huge fan of the first Watch Dogs and I really like where they are going with this.  I would like it if it became similar to We R Robin in a way with a group of young teens fighting the Man. I only hope that we see Aiden Pierce or have him referenced.


Mafia 3



I have wanted to do a response to the first trailer that was released for this game, but my wait is finally over. Mafia 2 was a big hit for it’s realism and story, so I am getting the impression that this game will receive the same response. The trailer is beautiful and the 70’s atmosphere is incredible. This game is going to be on the top of my “Rek’s need to play list”, right next Dead Rising 4. Am I getting ahead of myself?


Seppin’s Response:

Looks good.


Dead Rising 4:


The Dead Rising franchise is known for being a fun apocalyptic game where you can just enjoy killing zombies. I liked Dead Rising 2 and I had a good time playing Dead Rising 3. *Spoiler* I freaked out when Chuck Greene came into play at the end. It is great to see that Frank West is still alive and well, although he seems a little bored. I don’t think he really left the mall after Dead Rising 2 and I can’t wait to see how they connect his adventures with Chuck’s again. I have high hopes for this game and love the Christmas theme that is shown in the trailer. Nothing brings people  together in a zombie apocalypse better than the spirit of Christmas.


Seppin’s Response:

This game looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.


Thank you for joining me in this endeavor and I am excited to see what trailer comes out next. Till next time…



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