Finding Kevin A Role




Hello and welcome to a new series on SeppinRek. Since there are not that many bad comics for Rek to read, we have decided to put Rek on another incredible journey. In these amazing posts, Rek will be trying to find a superhero/villain role for the one and only.

Kevin James

Now I know what you are thinking, why hasn’t this man been given a role in the Marvel or DC Universe yet? That is the exact question I asked myself the other day. Now before you go spam messages to the man himself, please read through my thoughts on who Kevin James could play.

Although Kevin is basically on the Sony train, I find that it is much easier to cast DC characters than Marvel characters. Please don’t yell at me for choosing only DC characters because Marvel will have a chance to claim this wild beast.


Reappearing Thug (Otis)

Kevin 1

Once upon a time, there was a man named Otis. Otis was a common thug who worked with Lex Luthor in Superman(’78). Would it not be cool to see Kevin James interrogated by Batman and or Superman. I think that it would be hilarious, but that isn’t the best part. The best part is that he could switch from gang to gang throughout the DC Cinematic Universe. We could see him work for Luthor, Joker, Rogues Gallery, etc. The possibilities are endless.



Ted Grant is a washed up boxer… I think that Kevin James fits the bill with his previous UFC experience. I know that it is a leap to go from a mall cop to a professional fighter, but I think that he can pull off the role. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Kevin James try fighting side-by-side with the A-List heroes.


Thank you for reading this article and please comment your opinion on who Kevin James should play. We will not give up this fight for finding Kevin James a role in the comic book universe!!




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