DC Superhero Girls movie Trailer Review

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The ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ are headlining a new animated movie that is being released on home video, August 23rd.  The film is entitled ‘Hero of the Year’ and here is the synopsis:

Where can you find the most powerful and prominent Super Teens in the galaxy? Super Hero High of course! Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy and Katana band together to navigate the twists and turns of high school in DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment, the film will be distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) this summer.

These young Super Heroes discover unique abilities, develop powers, and combat an abundance of overwhelming, exciting and awkward moments to master the fundamentals of being a hero – one day at a time! Together, these seven fearless Super Heroes prove that we all have the power to make the world a better place – even while school is in session!

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year features some of the top voice actors in the industry. Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman), Anais Fairweather (Supergirl), Mae Whitman (Batgirl/Barbara Gordon), Tara Strong (Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy) Teala Dunn (Bumblebee), and Stephanie Sheh (Katana) join forces to portray some of the newest students to attend Super Hero High.

So you may ask why are we reporting this? Well, we have a younger sister who has graduated from Princesses’ to Superheroes overnight and we are loving it! We have decided to let our sister Lulu do her own first reaction to the trailer and we have also decided to graciously allow the Scrub a.k.a. Sinder ( if you have watched the podcast, you know him well) to do a reaction as well. The Scrub has recently been promoted to the mail room and we thought this would be a good opportunity for him to get his feet wet on the blog.

Watch the trailer below and then we’ll get their reaction:


First Reactions:

Lulu: I think it looks awesome. I can’t wait until it comes out! I like how they are doing superheroes and ‘bad’ heroes like Harley Quinn. They showed a lot of Wonder Woman and obviously my favorite is Bat-Girl. I like that they are doing a cartoon female superhero movie.

Sinder: While this show may not pertain to my personal interest, I’m sure it is kid friendly, happy go lucky and will appeal to someone else…somewhere else.








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