Finding Kevin a Role

Finding Kevin

Welcome back to the great adventure that is Finding Kevin!

This week I have two grand DC characters who have a slight chance of being on the big screen. I am not saying that they are major characters, but they are a necessary part in their respective roles. I certainly hope Mr. James does not see this as an insult by placing him in two B-List and possibly C-List roles.

Oh well.




Chaz is Constantine’s friend… Okay, friend is a strong word. Chaz is Constantine’s partner who has the gift/curse of a large supply of lives. He can be killed, but after a long line of excruciating deaths. I find it humorous to think of Kevin James following John Constantine around and dying from time to time. Seppin is a big Constantine fan and I am not sure if he shaking his head “yes” or “no” to this casting, but it is a magnificent casting none the less.


Mirror Master

Kevin Master

The Flash movie is speeding its way to the big screen and we need to start looking for a villain. The truth is that we only need to look in a mirror to find this villainous criminal as he travels the inter-dimensional plane of mirrors. Mirror world! I think that Kevin can totally pull off the role of any Flash villain, but Mirror Master seems an appropriate casting for him. He jumps from mirror to mirror as he makes his great escape from the Flash.


If anyone has any ideas for who Kevin should play in any comic cinematic universe (CCU), please leave a suggestion in the comments below. Until next time…




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