Margot Robbie is in therapy…with The Gronk!


Warner Bros. put together a fun sketch featuring Margot Robbie and Rob Gronkowski. In the short clip we see Margot voicing her concerns to the Suicide Squad set therapist ‘Dr. Rob Gronkowski’.

You see, Margot is concerned that people will see her and the crew as not being any fun and they are completely misunderstood. It is a nice nod to her character Harley Quinn, because of course she was psychiatrist  Dr. Harleen Quinzel, before the Joker turned her into a crazy, murdering psychopath.

Gronk understands her fears. After all, his team is a target for haters all the time!

Once again, Warner bros. is thinking outside of the box with their marketing techniques and we are loving it!

Check it out!

*Full Disclosure-We are huge New England sports fans & we love Gronk-*





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