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The Killing Joke animated adaptation will include some extracurricular activity between Batman and Batgirl. Several clips from DC’s newest animated film confirm that Batman and Batgirl will have a physical relationship in the movie. Yes, there is a scene.

The first clip (It’s on Twitter) actually shows the two superheroes in the act, so to speak, with Batgirl removing her shirt and mask after Batman reluctantly grabs her butt.

The second clip, which was leaked on YouTube, shows a tense phone conversation between Batman and Batgirl in which Batgirl confirms the off-camera activities by shouting “Bruce, it was just sex for god’s sake.”

Let’s ask our resident Batman expert what he thinks of this…

Seppin’s Reaction:

It wasn’t a good idea when they did it in Batman Beyond and it still isn’t now. Barbara is supposed to be one of the last family members Bruce still has after Dick leaves and Jason dies. That is why he cared for her; they never had a sexual relationship. I don’t know what is Bruce Tim’s fascination with this type of story, but it isn’t right. She is way younger than Bruce and like a daughter to him. I’m just disappointed because it won’t show Barbara as an innocent victim that the Joker had paralyzed. Sure she still will have that effect, but the viewers won’t feel that way when they see her and a thirty year old man on a rooftop. Sorry, but it’s just gross. For everyone that thinks I’m hating on Bruce Tim, I’m not I just think that you need Paul Dini and Bruce Tim to actually get something amazing otherwise the animation or story just falls off the tracks. I can’t wait to see this film since it is so iconic and I hope this won’t interfere with the plot.


P.S. check out our Youtube chanel were Seppin plays Batman Arkham Knight and encounters their version of the Killing Joke Monday.



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  1. i just saw the movie, it was actually really good, it really didn’t affect the story at all. the ending was pretty morbid actually. i loved it


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