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Hey everyone! There's been a drought of news after Comic Con... until now! Matt Reeves has opened up some news on The Batman movie. He announced that they wanted to get the script done in the next couple weeks. Then, he said that they will, hopefully, start filming by the summer of 2019.  Lastly, Reeves... Continue Reading →

Batman Hush to be an animated film for 2019

So, I was just writing about Wonder Woman: Bloodlines and how it is great to see the DCAU slate to be relying less on Batman. Now, Batman Hush deserves an animated film at the least because it is a great story with even more amazing artwork by Jim Lee. So, Batman is needed for next... Continue Reading →

The Killing Joke Movie Review

Batman: The Killing Joke broke records this week with a stunning 3.8 million dollar 2 night only Fathom Event premiere. So what did we think? Seppin:  For anyone that is looking for a chill and accurate representation of the graphic novel then I highly recommend it to them, but if your looking for something new that... Continue Reading →

Batman The Killing Joke Spoiler

  MAJOR SPOILERS DO NOT READ IF YOU DON"T WANT TO BE SPOILED The Killing Joke animated adaptation will include some extracurricular activity between Batman and Batgirl. Several clips from DC's newest animated film confirm that Batman and Batgirl will have a physical relationship in the movie. Yes, there is a scene. The first clip (It's on... Continue Reading →

Batman: The Killing Joke Screening Update

Fathom Events has added an additional night to screen the movie Batman: The Killing Joke due to popular demand! This is the official announcement: "Due to unprecedented demand, a second date and two additional show times have been added. Participating locations for July 26 are limited and ticketing is being set up continuously so click... Continue Reading →

Record Breaking Batman: The Killing Joke

Seppin was asked the other night what movie he was most looking forward to seeing. Instead of answering with the Suicide Squad, which seemed most likely, he said Batman: The Killing Joke. Well, apparently he is not the only one looking forward to seeing this movie. Due to overwhelming fan demand and sold out theaters... Continue Reading →

The Killing Joke Coming To Theaters!

Drop what you are doing right now because we have just learned The Killing Joke is coming to theaters for an exclusive one night showing! Fathom Events is teaming up with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment to bring the acclaimed graphic novel-turned-film, Batman: The Killing Joke, to select cinemas nationwide... Continue Reading →

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