Wonder Woman Trailer Shot by Shot Review


Yesterday we finally were able to see our first look at the Wonder Woman movie and the trailer blew us away! Take a look below and then we’ll dive into our review.



Our first look of Themyscira, the island inhibited by the Amazons. We see Diana leaning over a body washed up on shore.


Here is Chris Pine who is playing Steve Trevor. Diana is looking at him curiously and asks if he is a man. She has never seen one before and a little surprised by his appearance. We like how he is the ‘Damsel in distress’.


We’re assuming this is the Amazon council or meeting area. It looks very mystical and ancient. It’s realistic in a sense that it looks like the Greek civilization that has been left untouched, which is what it should look like.


Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, is professing her love for her daughter and warning her not to leave the island to help man. Okay, so we’re assuming that Diana is compelled by Steve Trevor and decides she wants to help with the war that is going on in mans world.


Diana’s first time off the island. We’re sure she is overwhelmed by what she is seeing.


We can see the soldiers at the train station. This movie is set in WWI and we like that they are doing a period piece for her first solo film.


Diana dressed up and stalking her prey!


We have not had confirmation on who Danny Huston is playing, but our guess is that this could be Ares, the God of War.


Killer shot of her sword hidden in her dress. Good thing they didn’t have Metal Detectors back then.


Rek has been trying to figure out who this woman is for the better part of twenty-four hours. We believe she is working for Ares and she could be a number of counterparts. Medusa is a good guess or Enyo, Ares’ companion of war. Doctor Poison is also an option.


Steve Trevor making his way to a plane and into the battle.


Diana getting some medical treatment. In the voice over she is telling Steve Trevor how she came to be. Not by a traditional birth, but she was brought to life by Zeus. In the comics, it is explained that her mother Hippolyta made a clay statue of her and she presented it to Zeus for the Gods to breathe life into her and that was how she was created.


“Well, that’s neat.” Steve Trevor is a bit taken aback by her origin and we really love Chris Pine for this role. He brings the right amount of humor to Diana’s seriousness.


Antiope perhaps? Whoever it is, she is doing an amazing archer leap into the air. Why are there soldiers on the beach in Themyscira? We think that the soldiers are going to betray Diana and launch an attack on the Amazons, which in turn will lead her to feel betrayed by man. They also could have been teleported there by Ares because he wants the Amazonian s killed so he can rule over the world and they are the only ones who can stop him.


Robin Wright plays General Antiope. Great shot of Antiope, Hippoylta, and Melanippe riding their horses into battle.


This fight is going to look epic on the big screen.


Steve Trevor is showing Diana around town.


With her shield on her back…


And the Lasso of Truth on her hip!


She is Wonder Woman!


SLAP! Diana is rushing into battle.


Don’t Even!


The lasso is glowing and in action!


A nice look at early aerial warfare during WW1. Is Steve Trevor flying the attacking plane?


A beautiful shot of Wonder Woman’s strength against the oncoming fire.


Only six guys?


A sweet Amazon maneuver.


I love how the gun just splinters apart. This soldier looks very scared and rightfully so.


A great logo with the familiar guitar riff in the background. This is going to be an amazing movie.







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