Supergirl & Superman: First Image


A new image was released of CW’s Supergirl & Superman!

Take a look:

Supergirl Season 2 Superman Costume

Tyler Hoechlin is portraying our t.v. Man of Steel and we finally got our first look at his costume.

Rek: It looks good. Honestly, it looks like the statue on my desk that I own. Somewhat old school, which I don’t mind.

Seppin: I like the symbol a lot. The bright yellow and the way the ‘S’ is drawn…it looks great. It’s fine for t.v., but that’s not my issue. In this photo, Tyler Hoechlin just doesn’t seem to have the build for the role. Superman is a pretty ripped guy and I don’t see the strength in him. I also don’t see the boy scout like hope like Henry Cavill or even Brandon Routh emitted in this role. He looks more bad boy than the symbol of hope.

We’ll find out in October when Supergirl premieres on the CW.




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