Michael B. Jordan is developing a Superman series for HBO Max

Well, this wasn't exactly the Superman news that we were expecting from Michael B. Jordan. No, this is not announcing that he will be playing Clark Kent in J.J. Abrams' Superman film. It turns out that Michael B. Jordan is going to develop a Val Zod show for HBO Max. There is a chance that... Continue Reading →

Top Five 80s Comic Book Movies

Believe it or not, the 80s is where the comic book movie all started, yes there were adaptations prior and let's not forget Superman: The Movie (Still one of my favorite movies of all time!) but the modern day comic book movie has its origins set in the 80s. Since it is 80s week on... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Superman: The Man of Steel vol. 3

The first two volumes of this series are some of my favorite Superman stories of all time and this volume continues that trend. You can find this book that features stories from John Byrne, Marv Wolfman, Jerry Ordway, and Dan Jurgens on Amazon for around $45.00 right now. But let's start talking about it! First... Continue Reading →

NEW Superman Animated Series?!

No, you are not dreaming! We just heard news about a new Batman animated series and in the same day WB announced a new Superman animated series titled, "My Adventures With┬áSuperman" and will be airing on HBO Max and Cartoon Network. Above is the first look at the series and it seems really fun. It... Continue Reading →

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