Constantine DVD Release Date


Can it be true? Finally after months and months, Constantine the t.v. show is coming to Blue Ray/ DVD on October 4, 2016.

It lasted one season, but the television version of Constantine made a huge impression, as did actor Matt Ryan in the title role as the demon hunter and dabbler in the dark arts. Ryan was so awesome as John Constantine that he reprised the role in a fourth season episode of Arrow and will voice him in 2017’s animated Justice League Dark.

Empire Magazine had a great interview with him talking about his role.

“I think it’s the juxtaposition, the balance between it being a very dark and serious story, but then John being able to maneuver within that, and the humor and the wit being set against that. It’s those two things, I think, that make the show unique. You’ve got this central character who’s cracking the joke in the middle of something which is really fucking serious.”

“The interesting thing,” says Ryan, “is that in the back of his head he knows that somewhere along the line all of this is going to go to pot. It’s all going to go to shit, and it’s an inevitability, but it doesn’t stop a human being from having connections with other humans beings… and Angels. As the Rising Darkness he has to face is progressing, the burden on him is getting bigger and, suddenly, he’s accumulating these people who he has feelings for, and obviously they are feelings that have been buried deep down inside, but he is a human being at the end of the day. He’s going to feel something. If something bad happens to those people — and it does — it’ s a very interesting thing for him to be going through.”

As any reader to this blog knows, Seppin is a huge fan and has been trying to spearhead a seemingly one man campaign to #SaveConstantine and bring the show to the CW.

Maybe with a strong showing of DVD sales, it can now become a reality.




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