We Deserve a Deadman Series!

This post may be coming out of left field for some of you readers. So, I will start this post explaining some background. If you are not aware, J.J. Abrams is developing a Justice League Dark team and series of shows for HBO Max. We have already heard announcements for John Constantine's series, Zatanna's series,... Continue Reading →

Madame Xanadu HBO Max Series in Development!

Wow, we were not expecting this. After hearing that both John Constantine and Zatanna are going to be receiving shows on HBO Max, we were expecting one of the other major characters to get a show as well. Yes, another show to tie into the Justice League Dark team that J.J. Abrams is piecing together... Continue Reading →

CW Developing a Traci 13 Show!

Who? That was the first question that most Arrowverse fans ask whenever a new character is introduced because they love to grab the background characters and make them more known. She is a "Homo Magi", which is a human that can use sorcery. She has also been known as Girl 13 and appeared in several... Continue Reading →

Justice League Dark New Writer

Oh, Warner Bros. why do you play with Seppin's heart? No Green Lantern casting as of yet and now it looks like Justice League Dark is back to phase one, but it isn't all doom and gloom because even though we heard the execs weren't too happy with the JLD script, they now have hired... Continue Reading →

Doug Liman Teases Justice League Dark

Is that Justice League Dark news that we smell? Yes it is. While Doug Liman has been promoting his new film, the Wall starring John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, he let out some of his thought process while he is working on Justice League Dark. Here are his words from an interview with Collider... “I... Continue Reading →

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