Commissioner Gordon First Look!


Oh, Zack Snyder, you do know how to drop a photo like no other director and what a photo it is!

Saturday was National Batman Day and Zack Snyder decided to treat us with the first official photo of J,K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.

Take a look!


We can see our favorite Commissioner standing on a rooftop standing next to the bat signal. The photo screams old Hollywood film noir and no one does it better than Zack.

Obviously he is waiting for The Dark Knight to show up, but could he also be getting a surprise when most of the Justice League shows up?

According to’s Brandon Davis, who got to see the scene, that is exactly what is happening.

The setting was a Gotham City rooftop. More specifically, it was the rooftop of the Gotham City Police Department where the Batsignal resides. Set dressers milled around covering the set and costumes with water as flashes from high above the set simulated lightning. Green screens surrounded the rooftop’s edges, but the look of the rooftop was convincing enough to overlook the fact. A tall rounded set piece with statues of angels burst from the rooftop near its center, with smoke creeping from pipes and delivering Gotham’s gritty feel.”

“Gordon stood on one side of the set with the Batsignal lit awaiting the Dark Knight. When he arrived, he didn’t do so alone. Affleck’s Batman drops into the set with a super hero landing as Wonder Woman and The Flash stand on either side. “How many of you are there?” Gordon asks upon seeing them. “Not enough,” Batman tells him before directing Barry to turn off the Batsignal.”

“The eight might still be alive,” Gordon optimistically tells Batman, referring to kidnapped scientists before Cyborg busts into the scene, saying, “9,” to Wonder Woman’s satisfaction. Diana’s look signifies her desire to have recruited Cyborg to the team and his joining has definitely earned her approval. “The head of STAR Labs was taken tonight,” Cyborg tells the team, referring to his scientist father.

“The group confers for a moment, discussing previously discovered nests of Parademons, before realizing that none of the patterns converge “on land” which felt a lot like an Aquaman reference. Based on the Crawler and Stryker’s Island scenes, we know the setting of the Parademon nest to be underground but choosing to say “on land” seems like the first reference to Momoa’s trident-wielding hero, who has only made a cameo in the universe so far.”

“The team elects to use Batman’s Crawler after Flash points out the fact that they won’t fit in the car together and promptly disappears behind Gordon’s back. When he turns around, we get a moment of humor which we all desire from the dark and gritty DC movies. Barry Allen opens up something along the lines of, “Whoa! They just… Disappear on you like that? That’s rude,” before zooming out of the scene himself. The line changed with each take but Ezra Miller certainly won over any doubters who were watching.”



This photo is incredible and we are so excited to finally see our league on the big screen together!

Justice League is set for release November 17, 2017.




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