Justice League News

  Yes, we have been on lock down here at SeppinRek and what a crazy weekend it was! Let's get started with the big story and get that out-of-the-way. We want to report on the news, but we also have some strong opinions as well, so this may turn into being more of an op-ed.... Continue Reading →

Ezra Miller Discusses The Flash in JL, Affleck on Batfleck, and Henry Cavill on Black Superman Suit

We love Ezra Miller and we can't wait to see him in Justice League. The team was all together this past weekend in London doing press and Ezra had some interesting things to say about his character, who we now know is not referred to as The Flash in the movie. Check out what he... Continue Reading →

New Justice League Clips

We are trying so hard to avoid spoilers and clips for Justice League. It's hard not to watch the new clips, but we are determined to be surprised. Right now, we're kind of like this on the internet right now...   We do want you to enjoy all the new clips though! You can see... Continue Reading →

Justice League Costumes

The Licensing Expo is going on this week in Las Vegas and we have some new images that offer a closer look at the Justice League costumes! No Superman costume, sadly, but it's great to see these costumes up close.   ~Seppin ~Rek

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