Green Arrow, The Flash & Supergirl Crossover Details


Next month, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow will all be part of a massive four night crossover which assembles pretty much every character from each respective series. Things will kick off in the final scene of the November 28th episode of Supergirl according to Entertainment Weekly.

According to the magazine they were able to see some pretty cool scenes!

“Supergirl fly, The Flash and Cisco tear a hole in the fabric of space-time (or pretend to), and even saw someone get shot. No, we can’t tell you who, but we can tell you the threat that set the sprawling plot in motion: The Dominators, mind-controlling extraterrestrials threatened by Earth’s surging population of metahumans. If you’re wondering if “mind-control” = “we’re totally going to see these superheroes fight each other.”
This is going to be a pretty epic event and we cannot wait!

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