The Flash Promo

It might be Halloween, but tonight also belongs to our favorite scarlet speedster! Check out this week’s promo for The Flash: Elongated Man makes his appearance! The Flash is on The CW at 8:00pm.  

The Flash Promo

Tuesday nights means The Flash and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this week! Check out the promo below: The Flash is on The CW at 8:00 pm tonight.   ~Seppin ~Rek

The Flash Promo

All new episode of The Flash this week and it looks to be a throwback fun episode, which The Flash definitely needs after last season was so heavy. The Flash is on The CW tonight at 8:00 pm.   ~Seppin ~Rek  

Top Five Shows We’re Excited to Watch

  What time is it? That’s right, Top five time! Our shows are almost ready to come back on and we are more than excited to see what the television world has for us this season. Let’s see what we got… 5. Supergirl We’re looking forward to this season of Supergirl. We’re especially intrigued by…

The Flash Season 4 Villian

It looks like we now know who our main villain will be in The Flash Season four. During the season finale, Savitar mentioned the name Devoe. After looking through our DC ‘Bible’, we thought it might be Clifford Devoe, a.k.a. The Thinker and it looks like he is going to try to outsmart the team…