Ezra Miller Talks The Flash


We are always happy to hear from Ezra Miller and he has even more to say on The Flash as he makes the promotional rounds for Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them.

“I certainly think it will represent the next stage,” he said of The Flash’s upcoming movie. “What I find fascinating is that we’re still very much amateur-hour Speedster. I’d love for the series to track an evolution of Barry Allen’s early times as The Flash. Like, I love this comic ‘Kingdom Come’ – unbelievable art – and in that The Flash is fully evolved, and you never even see him, right? It’s just like a red mist, and there’s no crime in [Keystone] City. He protects a whole chunk of the country.”

So that wouldn’t make for the most interesting film – you know what I mean?” Miller continued. “What do we have to learn about that guy? That guy barely exists, right? He’s almost one with the Speed Force. So it’s interesting to go to the beginning.”

“It would be hard – you’d have to get Werner Herzog to make a movie about a bolt of lightning!” the actor joked.

“I’ll tell you that donning the Flash suit is one of the single most thrilling experiences I’ve ever known,” Miller said. “You know it’s like a samurai getting in his armor. Every day, I just felt like, so cool. It’s the greatest. I really love playing the Flash. I love Barry Allen. I really, I’ve come to, yeah, I’ve come to really hold a special place in my heart for this neurotic but altruistic individual.”

“I’m just so excited to explore him and explore that for as long as possible,” Miller continued. “Even if it just means, [reading comic books]. Honestly, it’s an incredible gift to the world, the long history of the Flash. I feel so lucky to be a part of these great stories.”

Ezra Miller also made headlines this week when he refused to sign a Marvel comic by a fan.







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