First Look at The Flash’s new suit!

DC is offering yet another costume tease this week as Andy Muschietti, the director of the upcoming Flash movie, released a pic teasing the Flash's new suit! It seems similar to the film logo that was revealed earlier this year and we like that. We love the technological design that you can see spiraling... Continue Reading →

Ezra Miller Discusses The Flash in JL, Affleck on Batfleck, and Henry Cavill on Black Superman Suit

We love Ezra Miller and we can't wait to see him in Justice League. The team was all together this past weekend in London doing press and Ezra had some interesting things to say about his character, who we now know is not referred to as The Flash in the movie. Check out what he... Continue Reading →

Ezra Miller Talks The Flash

We are always happy to hear from Ezra Miller and he has even more to say on The Flash as he makes the promotional rounds for Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. "I certainly think it will represent the next stage," he said of The Flash's upcoming movie. "What I find fascinating is that... Continue Reading →

Iris West to Cameo in Justice league

It has been confirmed that Kiersey Clemons' Iris West will appear in the Justice League movie. When the news hit that Dope director Rick Famuyiwa departed The Flash movie over creative differences, some fans online wondered if that also meant Kiersey Clemons, who starred in Dope and who was brought on board The Flash by Famujiwa, would... Continue Reading →

The Justice League Responds

Love it or hate it, Suicide Squad is another Warner Bros./DC movie that has caused a lot of talk and debate among fans and critics. Well, folks, the Justice League has spoken, or Ezra Miller has. Miller was approached by MTV, and asked how he and the other Justice League cast members (which include Henry Cavill,... Continue Reading →

Ezra Miller: Piano Man

We're going to be honest. We love Grant Gustin on The Flash and when we heard that Ezra Miller was going to play the role of Barry Allen in the cinematic universe, we were a little disappointed simply out of loyalty towards GG. But everything we have seen from Ezra Miller has changed our minds.... Continue Reading →

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