Batmobile Upgrade


One of the biggest gripes fans had with Batman v Superman is that Batman blatantly killed several goons. We had no issue with it because every movie has shown Batman killing, or at the very least, not going out of his way to save the bad guys, and if you are a Batman comic book reader, you know this isn’t that a big deal. Batman’s one rule has always been no guns, not going out of his way to save even the guys he was fighting.

Well, there are sure to be more people shouting their displeasure when they check out Zack Snyder’s latest picture he released featuring the Bat-mobile. This vehicle is stacked with even more guns, but we’re thinking it’s more for killing Parademons than thugs this time. From everything we can gather, Bruce is changing his ways after Superman dies, and if you think about it, maybe this is why Snyder showed Batman somewhat viciously in BvS. Similar to Supes killing Zod in Man of Steel, maybe Batman needed this experience to show himself the error of his ways and we will be treated to yet another one of Snyder’s character metamorphosis.

Either way, the car looks pretty bad ass!






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