The Flash Set Photos Reveal a Batman

Hey everyone! Some exciting news just popped up during the filming of The Flash where a certain Batman is gearing up on his Bat-Cycle and looking for a fight. As we all know now, there are multiple Batmen (Bats?) set to appear in The Flash as Barry is most likely going to mess with time... Continue Reading →

Twilight of the Gods Anime Cast Reveal

Hey everyone! As this week is Netflix's Geeked week, a slew of announcements have been revealed to bring attention to the streaming app. After the success of Army of the Dead, Netflix announced the voice cast for Zack Snyder's new project, an anime inspired by Norse mythology. Twilight of the Gods is the official title... Continue Reading →

Batmobile Upgrade

One of the biggest gripes fans had with Batman v Superman is that Batman blatantly killed several goons. We had no issue with it because every movie has shown Batman killing, or at the very least, not going out of his way to save the bad guys, and if you are a Batman comic book... Continue Reading →

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