Darq is Released!

Our first comic book novel, Darq, has been released!

It’s available on Amazon in digital and print.

Darq Vol. 1
Enter a new and exciting world.
Welcome to SeppinRek Entertainment!

Here is where the adventures of Darq begin…

Alex Pearson was betrayed by his close friend and he now must walk down the ominous path of vengeance.

On his journey, he will join forces with a mysterious government operated organization to take down serious foes like the mafia, who are now out to get him, encounter superhumans, who he never knew existed, and he is also on the hunt for a cure to help his dying mother, who is plagued with a deadly disease.

Will he get his revenge? Can he trust the WSA? Will his mother succumb to her illness?

Or is the future as bleak as he fears?

Darq is the first story written by new author Wyatt Barczak and was created by SeppinReK Entertainment.
A graphic novel of this story will be available soon.

This book is intended for readers ages 13 and up. The book contains violence and mild profanity.

Download, review, and be kind!




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