Justice League Lego Set

Why? Why? Why?

Why does Lego always have to offer spoilers?

Images of Lego sets for Justice League have been released, although not officially, but we now have images of The Flying Fox, Steppenwolf, and Parademons.

It looks like the Batmobile will be able to fit into The Flying Fox, which isn’t really a surprise, but the different colored Parademons caught our attention. We have some theories about that and Seppin will be doing a video soon. We also noticed that on the Lego website, there is a upcoming set listed as Battle of Atlantis…Seppin also has a theory on that as well.

Steppenwolf looks fairly accurate and we like that he is wielding the large ax. The set backgrounds are also telling…where are they fighting exactly? Metropolis? Gotham? Somewhere else?

We’ll keep you posted!






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