Luke Cage Season Two in 2018?!

So during Houston’s Comicpalooza event, Mike Colter gave some pretty fantastic news abot Luke Cage season 2 and what their time frame is.

Here is his words when asked…

“I’m about to start next month,” Colter said in a report from MCU Exchange. “When the Defenders comes out on August 18, that’ll be something we can hold onto for a little while and we can enjoy that. And hopefully, we’ll get to see Luke Cage out early next year.”


Hold the Phone!

Lebowski Dancing photo lebowski.gif

We already know that Jessica Jones has started their season two, but it is almost surprising to see this quick development start on Luke Cage. We thought that Jess was going to get the early 2018 date, or Daredevil season 3. No, it’s Seppin’s Boi. Luke Cage!

And their starting right now for it too!

Other than the fact that we know that Theo Rossi is set to return as the sneaky Shades, we don’t know what is going on for this season including the story.

What do you think?





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