Bassam Tariq to Helm the New Blade Movie?

We are so glad to finally have an update on the upcoming Blade film. Blade is basically the first modern comic book movie and we are so glad that marvel is finally revisiting the character and bringing him into the MCU. News broke out yesterday, from Deadline, that Bassam Tariq is rumored to be directing... Continue Reading →

Sung Kang’s role in Obi-Wan Kenobi Revealed!

Sorry for the delayed post, but it has been rough finding news lately. However, this little secret just came out. Earlier in the year we heard that Sung Kang was going to be in Kenobi's Disney+ series, but a role was never specified. Well according to a ew report, Sung Kang will be playing Fifth... Continue Reading →

Nia DaCosta to direct Captain Marvel 2

A new director has taken the reins for the Captain Marvel sequel and that director is none other than Nia DaCosta. Known mostly for the recent Candyman reboot, we are interested to see what Nia DaCosta will do for Captain Marvel. We don't know anything regarding the second film besides the assumption that it will... Continue Reading →

Loki Show Leaked Image

Hey everyone! A few days ago, a new image of the Loki show that will premiere on Disney Plus was leaked out. Check it out below. Looks like there is a logo up top which looks cool except for the lower case i. It kind of looks out of place the longer you look at... Continue Reading →

James Gunn Rehired for GOTG Vol. 3

Hey everyone! News has come out that Disney has rehired James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3. For those who don't know, Gunn was originally taken off the project after a revival of offensive tweets that were leaked online. He was recently brought on for The Suicide Squad by Warner Bros. which is... Continue Reading →

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