Rexwind Preview!

We are gearing up for the release of our second comic book novel, Rexwind, and as a special treat (or a bad nightmare for us if you hate it), we have decided to offer our loyal readers a sneak peek.

So, without further adieu, we are pleased to introduce you to Daniel Christian a.k.a Rexwind. Our first hero that was ever created by Seppin.



The world is changing. Superhumans are coming out of the shadows and the most hopeful one of them all has appeared!

After a devastating accident, which took the lives of his parents, Daniel Christian is now an orphan, and he soon discovers he’s also a young man with incredible abilities.

Navigating through a new set of foster parents, high school, old friends, and new enemies, our young hero is finding it hard to fit in homework ,insane teacher conferences, and a combat weary ally from a far off land as he embarks on his journey to becoming a superhero.


Sneak Peek


You have escaped the cage.

Your wings are stretched out.

Now fly…




They say the first thing you forget about a person is their voice. Even a major event, you can’t remember the sounds, but the memory of the sights and smells always stay with you.

Unfortunately, that was not so in my case.

The dream started as a black void that swirled around me and it was seeped in bleak nothingness, until shapes started to form and I was once again sucked back into my nightmare. It was just like every other time, but on this occasion, I could hear them. My parents were screaming my name and I could smell the undercurrents of a storm brewing. The sound of metal screaming reverberated through my eardrums as our vehicle went careening off the road violently.

I can’t remember them. Their faces are just a blur now, but for some reason, I can hear their voices. Their words and screams were clear as day.

I awoke from my exhausting slumber with a start only to discover that I was floating above my bed. Not again, I thought to myself. I have had these abilities ever since the accident. It was funny in an ironic way when you thought about it. I could control the vast wind, but I couldn’t fly away from the horrors in my young past.

The other kids were still asleep in the large room, except for Jay, who never seemed to sleep. He was my best friend and we had gotten pretty tight in a short amount of time. He only recently came to the orphanage and I counted my rarely lucky stars that he was in my life. He had dark hair, coffee-like skin, and was relatively well-built for his age.  He was one of the two people that knew about my powers. Looking around, I can see the well-worn bunkbeds and the dirty wooden floors even in the darkness.

The window remained open most of the night since we did not have a working air conditioning unit. This made the cold winters nearly unbearable and the heat of the summer almost oppressive, but I knew I shouldn’t complain. I was an orphan. I had nowhere else to go. I’m sure I could probably survive a few nights on the street, but I was thankful that I didn’t have to. The jarring sounds of downtown Chicago, even at this hour, was enough to make me grateful for the rundown orphanage.

The door opened quickly and I knew at once who was sneaking in here. It was Anna, probably trying to escape again. I glimpsed her long dark hair flying as she whipped her head around the room to meet my stare.

“Anna?” I asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving tonight,” she whispered, as she turned and shushed me.

“Why can’t you just stay in your bed like everyone else?” Jay asked sleepily.

“You know why,” Anna retorted.

Unlike us, Anna’s parents were alive and she was determined to find them. Jay and I glanced at each other as we both snuck out of our beds and met her at the nearest window.

“Thanks guys,” she said, before she hugged us both and jumped out the window.

I looked over to Jay and we shared the same look of concern that we both had for her. Anna has run away so many times that me and Jay had concluded that her parents were either impossible to find or worse.

We never shared this with Anna since it would break her heart to find out that the family she never had was probably gone. I flopped back onto my bed and tried to go back to sleep…

Seven years later, Jay’s aunt and uncle found us in the orphanage just in time before they kicked us out at sixteen when they ran out of funds to keep the safe haven for us orphans up and running. They adopted me because Jay begged them on his knees to bring me along.

Thankfully, they never asked for my backstory or why I was there. They loved Jay and wanted to look out for him because his parents had been found dead the year before. Jay never talked about them and I had no idea how or why he ended up in an orphanage. I always figured he would tell me when he felt like it and so far, that day had never come.

His aunt enrolled us into a private school and we started a few weeks later. The classes were boring and filled with a bunch of preppy punks and wannabe jocks, but anything was better than the public schools that I had been going to all my life.

Of course, private schools came with their own set of problems and that brings us to my current situation…



We’re still putting the final touches on Rexwind, but we’re shooting for a release date of 5/25/2017.

If you want to read the first story in our series, you can pick up Darq on Amazon!

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