Rexwind Released

SeppinRek is proud to announce the second book in our brand new series, Rexwind, has been released and is available for purchase on Amazon!


The world is changing. Superhumans are coming out of the shadows and the most hopeful one of them all has appeared!

After a devastating accident, which took the lives of his parents, Daniel Christian is now an orphan, and he soon discovers he’s also a young man with incredible abilities.

Navigating through a new set of foster parents, high school, old friends, and new enemies, our young hero is finding it hard to fit in homework ,insane teacher conferences, and a combat weary ally from a far off land as he embarks on his journey to becoming a superhero.

Rexwind is the second book to be released by SeppinRek, an up and coming comic book company.

This comic book novel written by first time author Ethan Barczak and creator of SeppinRek.

You can click on the link below to purchase Rexwind and also Darq, the first book in our series.





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