The Unidentified Blurb

Since there is hardly any news today, we thought we might post the book blurb to our new comic book novel, The Unidentified.



Facts: A group of gifted individuals are brought together by a mysterious benefactor.


Mark: Soviet Convict. Has visions of the past & future. Invisibility Powers. Poor Attitude-does not work well with others.

Rodrigo Torres: Student/Inventor. Mechanical Genius. Enthusiastic and hopeful.

Agent 45/ Susan Harris: Former CIA Operative. Proficient in Firearms and Hand to Hand Combat. Goal Orientated/follows orders.

Siri: Bright, young woman. Possessed by Ancient Goddess. Power-Unlimited & Unknown.


Conclusion: The status of these four individuals is currently classified.


Release date: June 14, 2017!










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