Top 5 Things they need to do for Deadpool 2

Since Ryan Reynolds is starting his campaign to promote Deadpool 2, we decided to write a wish list of what we think they need to do in the upcoming sequel.


5. Even more Pop Culture references

Image result for Deadpool 2

The first film had everyone cracking up whenever Deadpool mentioned a movie, an actor, or even an event that everyone knew about. We just want to see more of those, because they are hilarious.

4. Break the Wall

Image result for deadpool breaking the fourth wall

The first film contained a few good jokes that broke the fourth wall, but we need some more in the second one because it is a Deadpool staple. Deadpool has to break the fourth wall just as much as Logan has to unsheathe his claws.

3. More Music

Related image

After the movie, Seppin immediately put the whole soundtrack onto his playlist. Junkie XL did a great job composing the music and really made the simplest of action scenes more important. Not to mention we got the Deadpool rap.

2. Deadpool and Cable

Image result for deadpool and Cable

One of the classic team-ups in comic book history is coming to the big screen. We are just worried that Deadpool may takeover the whole movie. We hope that they work together well and share the movie before the X-force spin off.

1. Screw the Story

Image result for deadpool

If this was any other movie, then we would be asking for more story. However, this is Deadpool, which means that the story should not encompass the movie. The comedy should be the most important part next to the action.





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