New Predator Movie in the Works

There appears to be a new Predator movie in the works! As of right now we only know a little bit about the story and the title. The title of the upcoming Predator film is called Skull... Well, its not the most interesting title. However, the story that we know so far is intriguing. We... Continue Reading →

New Dune Official Trailer!

Yes! We have been waiting almost a year for a full blown trailer for this movie. We are huge Dune fans and we are so excited to see this film. So many parts appear to be pulled straight from the book and that excites us. We think that the amazing cast fits so well with... Continue Reading →

Top Five 80s Comic Book Movies

Believe it or not, the 80s is where the comic book movie all started, yes there were adaptations prior and let's not forget Superman: The Movie (Still one of my favorite movies of all time!) but the modern day comic book movie has its origins set in the 80s. Since it is 80s week on... Continue Reading →

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