Venom Movie Features Carnage

Apparently not only is Sony’s Venom movie to start production in September, but they may have just let it slip that Carnage will be the main villain.

New CEO Tom Rothman casually mentions Carnage as the movie’s primary antagonist in a new interview.

Carnage was once Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who shared a prison cell with Eddie Brock, a host to the alien symbiote that transforms into Venom. When Brock refused to bond once again with the alien, which would have allowed Venom to escape, it left behind its offspring, which merged with Kasady.

The symbiote amplified Kasady’s psychotic nature while also imbuing him with an array of abilities akin to Venom’s: enhanced physical strength, shape-shifting, regeneration, immunity to Earthly diseases, etc. Basically, it just makes sense that Carnage would be Venom’s main villain.

The question that everyone at Sony and Marvel Studios seem to be flip flopping on is whether Venom, or Black Cat & Silver Sable, will be a part of the Marvel Universe. A few weeks ago, it was no, but now they are saying yes…






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