Top Five Patriotic Characters in Comics: 4th of July Edition

In honor of the 4th of July, we wanted to list our top five most patriotic characters in comic books. These choices are proud, flag waving (and wearing) heroes that love our country as they wage battle against any evil that wants to bring harm to the good ol’ U.S.A.

5. Stargirl

The recent incarnation of the Star Spangled kid is Courtney Whitmore, who carries the legacy passed down form her family. Her whole costume is red, white, and blue and she’s covered in stars. She is mostly known for her work in the JSA (Justice Society of America) alongside S.T.R.I.P.E, a retired soldier who built a suit of armor to use against evil.

4. Iron Patriot

The first character to done the armor was none other than Norman Osborne who was trying to do some good with his life, but he eventually returned to the insane Green Goblin we all know and love. This armor really jumps out and scream America. Colonel Rhodes wore the mantle, but now he is back to being War Machine.

3. Superman

The Man of Steel was raised in Kansas. He fights for liberty, justice, and secretly for the American way. He is one color off from being our flag and has a big S on his chest. What if someone were to paint a U and an A on either side of it? He may be an alien, but he is an all-American boy.

2. Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is literally the Spirit of America’s will to fight back  and those morals are embedded into a fallen soldier to spread hope across America. So, he’s pretty much the most patriotic character, but we have another who is more American than even Uncle Sam.

1. Captain America

We’re pretty sure that everyone guessed who our number one is since he’s everywhere nowadays. Captain America is one of the most well-known characters outside of comics and his American values are deeply part of his character. That is why we picked him as our number one.

Walking Flag.

And if this doesn’t get you into the spirit…


Happy Fourth Everyone!



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