Top Five things we want Marvel to unveil at SDCC 2017

So to keep up with our top fives we are going to throw another one out there for you guys. Last time we did the Top Five things DC could unveil which you can find here: This time we are going to talk about what Marvel could send out that would blow our minds.

Here we go!


5. Movie Logos

’nuff said.


4. Thor Ragnarok Trailer 2

We all loved the last Thor trailer, so it would be a great time for them to promote their upcoming movie at Comic Con. They could give some more epic sequences and maybe a little more information as to the plot, but it does seem like Planet Hulk. Possibly Surtur could be seen.


Image result for Ant Man and the Wasp

3. Ant Man and The Wasp Teaser

Ant Man was a fun movie. Now it is time for Marvel to brush pass the origin and give us a truly great and comedic story for our shrinking heroes. It would be great to get our first glimpse at the Wasp in action.


Image result for The Punisher Netflix

2. Punisher Trailer

They have been slowly hyping this series along with The Defenders, but we still haven’t gotten a trailer for it. Now is the time for The Punisher to take over Comic Con. We need to see some more of Jon Bernthal’s Punisher.


1.Infinity War Teaser Trailer

At D23 this weekend they let out a small teaser for the crowd to see of Infinity War. The teaser has not been released to the public yet, but they have said that it is coming soon. Perhaps they will release it during their panel at Comic Con. Maybe we will have to wait until Thor Ragnarok to hide potential spoilers. Who knows? It sounds pretty cool though…


Have any other things you want to see from Marvel?





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