Top Five things we want DC to unveil in SDCC 2017

Next week is the biggest event of the year for us at SeppinRek. San Diego Comic Con is when the big companies reveal all of their secrets and get us excited for the next year in geek entertainment. Because of that we will be doing top fives for DC, Marvel, Fox, and Other. These Top Fives are our opinions on the biggest announcements that we think that they could do.

Today we are going to be starting with DC because Seppin flipped a coin.



Image result for superman black suit

5. Superman Tease

Wouldn’t it be awesome if at the end of the Justice League trailer that we got a glimpse at Superman’s return. Maybe we could see him in his black suit. There was even a rumored trailer synopsis that stated that we would see Superman land infront of Batman and wreck the Batmobile… again. Now, that could be fake, but it would make sense if Steppenwolf brainwashed him.


Image result for The Flash

4. Flash Director

We have been asking this question for a long time now. There is no doubt in our minds that Warner Brothers has a director lined up for the Flash film. They realize that they need to get this movie out fast too because of the Flash’s popularity. Maybe they picked up Phil Lord and Chris Miller after they left Han Solo.


Image result for Aquaman

3. Aquaman Teaser

We know that they are going to discuss Aquaman during the panel, but in DC fashion we believe that we will get a teaser trailer for Aquaman. It would be awesome to see how they plan to promote the film and how they are going about making it.


2. DC Slate

The last DC slate that we received came out before Batman v Superman. Most fans want to know what the future holds for DC films. We don’t know what is planned for 2019 for example.


Image result for Green Lantern

1.Green Lantern Casting

Donde esta Hal Jordan? Donde esta John Stewart?

We know that they sent out a casting call about a month ago, so that means that they have had plenty of time to find the perfect Green Lanterns.

Who knows, maybe Henry Cavil will make a surprise appearance and drag out Hal.

Image result for henry cavill looking for hal






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