New James Bond Movie

The 25th installment of James Bond has a release date and apparently a writing team, but who will play the secret agent?

The untitled movie will be released November 8, 2019, but that was all the information the studio gave us. After the disappointing reviews for Spectre, some fans are feeling a bit James Bond fatigue and there is the last statement made from Daniel Craig in which he said that he would rather cut his wrists than play the dashing secret agent again. Recent reports however suggest that he was in talks to reprise the role. There were also rumors that Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba were in the running, but those names have since fallen by the wayside.

So, if they were to contact us here at SeppinRek, here’s who we would choose:

Mama SeppinRek’s Pick:

Aiden Turner

Aiden Turner’s ‘turn’ on the British  show Poldark has been pretty successful and he has shown he has the acting chops. He’s not as well known in the U.S. but I think his appeal would be appreciated by any audience. Also, if you haven’t checked out Poldark, you’re missing a great period show.


Seppin’s Pick

You know Seppin will pick Tom Hardy for just about any role and since he has been working with Sony, this might make a lot of sense. He would be pretty perfect.


Rek’s Pick

Jack O’Connell

Rek thought since he is young and he’s done a few action movies, then what the heck?


Who would you choose?





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