Bautista to Play Valiant’s Eternal Warrior

Valiant is attempting to build their own movie comic universe and on the heels of the rumor that Jared Leto was being eyed for Bloodshot, we now have Dave Bautista (GotG-Drax) apparently already cast in a surprise edition for the Eternal Warrior.

Bautista responded to a fan question on Twitter in which he said he was really excited about the project and that they were working on a script fan-worthy and then on from there.

Here is the official concept behind Eternal Warrior:

“The concept behind Eternal Warrior is a simple one: Resurrected using a mysterious artifact after a battlefield death millennia ago, Gilad has become functionally immortal with two unexpected side effects. Firstly, he can be killed — it’s just that he will come back to life afterwards, no matter how painful a process that might be. Secondly, across the centuries, he falls into the service of the Earth itself, defending the Geomancer, a being chosen by the planet to act as its champion in times of need. Needless to say, neither being the Geomancer nor their defender is an entirely easy — or un-dangerous — proposition.”

With Archer & Armstrong already in development, along with ShadowmanHarbinger, and Bloodshot, this is rather exciting news!

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