Josh Brolin’s Cable is insane in new image!


The promotion is full steam ahead with the new Deadpool film coming out next summer and Josh Brolin is really excited for it. The image above came out yesterday and it depicts Cable screaming at himself in the mirror in a Noir-esque shot. Does this mean that Cable is going to go crazy in the new film? We don’t know, but Seppin has a few theories.

Theory 1.

This is in Cable’s future where mutants are being persecuted and he is the leader of the freedom fighters. Maybe something bad happened and this is when he decides to go back in time.


Theory 2.

This is just a really cool shot that he is using for promotion.


Theory 3.

Deadpool is driving him insane. This is the best theory of course, because it would be totally awesome to see Deadpool annoy the living day lights out of Cable.



What do you think?





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