Top Five Shows We’re Excited to Watch


What time is it? That’s right, Top five time!

Our shows are almost ready to come back on and we are more than excited to see what the television world has for us this season.

Let’s see what we got…

5. Supergirl

We’re looking forward to this season of Supergirl. We’re especially intrigued by the appearance of the villain Reign, who first debuted in the news 52 arc. Reign is part of a super overpowered group called Worldkillers. We’re also interested to see if Mon-El has disappeared into the time stream and will he lead the Legion of Superheroes?

4. The Walking Dead

It’s all out war now and it is going to make this season totally awesome. We’re going to see multiple groups come together just to fight Neegan, who definitely has a bigger army than anyone left alive on the planet. Good thing for Rick, is that he has a tiger on his side.


3. The Flash

Barry? Bearded Barry? So, we loved the season finale of Flash, just to see the speed force storm and Barry had to go back into the speed force because there always has to be a speedster running in there. How will they get him back and what will be the consequences? Are we also going to see more Wally saving the day as he settles into his Kid Flash role?


2. The Gifted

The Gifted is one show we are very excited to see. Not only has the trailers been surprisingly good, but the whole concept of the time between Days of Future Past and Logan has been relativity unexplored. It has a strong cast and we can’t wait to see what characters pop up. We’re curious that they have Polaris appearing. She is the daughter of Magneto and Rogue, so we’re not sure how they are going to address that issue.

1.The Punisher

Is there any other show that can compete right now after the trailer?


We think not.


Honorable Mentions

Marvel’s The Runaways.

Grand Tour Season Two

They may not be superheroes, but come on, Richard Hammond has escaped death how many times?



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