Justice League News


Yes, we have been on lock down here at SeppinRek and what a crazy weekend it was!

Let’s get started with the big story and get that out-of-the-way. We want to report on the news, but we also have some strong opinions as well, so this may turn into being more of an op-ed.

As you know, Justice League was released and we went to see it a few times. Seppin will have a video review chronicling our adventures out in a week or so. Seppin, of course, loved it. He loves any comic book movie or show and we all know he has been waiting for this movie practically his whole life. Rek enjoyed it and thought it was fun as well.

Do we think it deserves the hate it is getting? No, absolutely not, but it does have issues and the stories coming out about what went down behind the scenes and the reshoots are troubling. Some of the people who worked on the VPX actually uploaded several deleted scenes this weekend and also commented on what was supposed to be in the movie, but is now sitting on the cutting room floor. These individuals are upset about what Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon did to Zack Snyder’s original cut and they feel that the real story should be heard.

It’s impossible not to be concerned about the future of the DCEU. Warner Bros. is in trouble with the franchise. Plain and simple. From what we can ascertain, their involvement in the editing room is getting out of hand. Either you believe in the director and characters or you don’t. There are even stories coming out that they pushed Snyder out and basically used his tragedy as a cover story on why he was not continuing with the finishing of the movie. If this is true and we want to stress that there is NO confirmation, but if this is the case, Warner Bros. should be ashamed of themselves.

We also have to report that after months of back and forth on whether Ben Affleck would be reprising his role in the stand alone Batman movie, at this point, it does not seem likely. We’re not sure if it is Ben Affleck or the studio, but we have confirmation that Matt Reeves has met with other actors and the front-runner to replace Affleck is Jake Gyllenhaal. This is very conflicting for us since we think that Affleck is the best live action Batman we’ve ever seen, but we also think Gyllenhaal is a good choice.

The bottom line is that a $96 million dollar opening weekend for a movie on the scale of Justice League is unacceptable. Something has to be done to fix this situation and we’re sorry Warner Bros. but we’re placing the blame on your shoulders. You cannot demand at the last hour that a movie on the scale of Justice League be cut down to two hours and you also can’t edit the crap out of a movie to make it, in your narrow mind, popcorn friendly. This franchise and these iconic characters deserve more respect and frankly, you’re starting to alienate a fan base with your meddling.

Right now, we can only hope that there are some serious discussions going on right now at Warner Bros. and DC regarding the future of the franchise. There are so many amazing stories and characters in the DC Universe. We as fans have the right to be heard. We just wish you would listen.



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