Y the Last Man coming to FX

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Wow! Even more surprising news that is making Seppin jump up and down right now. FX sadly left Deadpool the animated series, but it seems that they are finally going to order a pilot for Y the Last Man. The show has been mentioned to have been in development for a while, but because of Michael Green being busy with American Gods, they couldn’t do the show.

However Green has left American Gods, which means that he is ready to take on Brian K. Vaughn’s incredible epic.

For those that are unaware of the story behind Y the Last Man, here is a synopsis:

“The post-apocalyptic comic follows Yorick Brown, an amateur escape artist who, with his pet Capuchin monkey Ampersand, is the last survivor of a mysterious plague that killed every other male mammal on Earth. The two set off on a globe-spanning journey to reunite with Yorick’s girlfriend, discover what wiped out the world’s Y chromosomes and find out why they survived.”


What do you think?

Do you want to see this show or not?





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