Steven Spielberg is directing a Blackhawk movie!

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Crazy, unbelievable news came out yesterday! Steven Spielberg is going to be helming a Blackhawk movie for Warner Bros and DC. First off we want to say that this isn’t a rumor or some he-said-she-said. This came straight from Warner brothers. Next, we should probably just take a second to admire the fact that Steven freaking Spielberg is doing a comic book movie for DC.

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Then we realize that he is doing a Blackhawk movie.

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Many of you probably have no clue who Blackhawk is. This is even boggling some fans that have been reading for awhile. So here’s a small background on the character.

Led by a mysterious man known as Blackhawk, the Blackhawks (or more formally, the Blackhawk Squadron) are a small team of World War II-era ace pilots of varied nationalities, each typically known under a single name, either their given name or their surname. In their most well-known incarnation, the Blackhawks operate from a hidden base known only as Blackhawk Island, fly Grumman XF5F Skyrocket planes, and shout their battle cry of “Hawk-a-a-a!” as they descend from the skies to fight tyranny and oppression. Clad in matching blue and black uniforms (with Blackhawk himself boasting a hawk insignia on his chest).


It’s pretty D-list…

but Spielberg’s directing it, so that’s pretty cool.


What do you think?

The DCEU right now

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