Annette Bening boards Captain Marvel

We know that we haven’t been covering much about Captain Marvel, but it is mostly because we aren’t huge fans of the character, except Seppin. Since Seppin is writing today, that means we can report on some cool news that sprung up yesterday!

It is confirmed that Annette Bening will be in Captain Marvel!

Image result for annette bening

We also have a rumor that her role will be a scientist, but more importantly, we believe that Annette Bening is going to play Carol Danvers’ mother.

For those that don’t know about Carol’s mother, don’t worry. because this news is practically a joke. Yes, it’s cool that Annette Bening is apart of the film, but why only make her Carol’s mother? Here is the history of Marie Danvers according to the marvel wiki:

“Mrs. Danvers was visited by Iron Man.”

Image result for well... gif

Sorry to rant on this, but we think that they didn’t have to create a relation between the actresses to make her important. We almost think that if Annette Bening was just some super cool scientist, then she would be incredible. It’s a small criticism and we’re sure the MCU will drastically change her character and make her relevant to Carol’s superhero origin.

or she will hardly be in the film…

We’ll only know when we see it, right?





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