Seppin Reviews: Fantastic Four #1

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Welcome to something new. From now on Seppin and occasionally Rek will be reviewing the comics that appear each week. Each book that they review will get it’s own post and will have it’s own score to the book.

The FF are back everyone! And today, Seppin is going to review Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott




It’s been a long time since the Fantastic Four were actually relevant. That makes Dan Slott’s rebirth of the characters that much more incredible. Dan Slott does a great job at reestablishing the Fantastic Four and making them what they were always meant to be, a family.

The artwork is strong and Dan Slott writes every character perfectly. It’s like reading an old FF comic.

As for what happens in the comic. I slightly spoiled that they aren’t 100% back together yet. But we now know where everyone is and we are excited to see how it happens. As for the rest of the story, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm are living their lives. A side story also reveals that one of the FF’s most iconic villains is coming back in a major way.

Overall, the story is strong and a must read. I wish I could say more, but you’re going to have to read it to understand.




Storytelling:     4

(How good is the story? Does it stand up to others?)

Art:     4

(Does it tell the story? Does it work well with the character?)

Importance:     3

(Does this story need to be told? Is it helping the Character?)

Character:     4.5

(Is the character represented well? Does the writer understand the character?)


Total:     15.5 / 20






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