5 Things we want from Obi-Wan Kenobi

Kenobi must be one of the most exciting and hyped star wars series ever! There is just so much that we could see and that we want to see in this show. Sadly, it is only going to be one season and that means we won't be getting everything that we want. However, this is... Continue Reading →

Tenoch Huerta is Namor?!

Alright, so the word that seems to be passed around is that Tonoch Huerta is going to playing the king of Atlantis, and no I am not talking about Aquaman, but Marvel's Namor! It came out yesterday that Huerta will be playing the submariner in Black Panther's sequel. Overall, none of us are interested in... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Wonder Woman vol. 2: Guts

Alright, so I talked about the first volume of the New 52 Wonder Woman and it is only fair now that I talk about the second volume. I really enjoyed the first volume and was really excited to read the second arc, so I bought both together. This second volume is on Amazon for around... Continue Reading →

Okoye is getting a Disney+ Spinoff?!

This seems completely random, but we are super glad to hear that it is a thing. For those that don't remember, Okoye is the general of the Dora Milaje or the king's protectors in Wakanda. This is an interesting decision because obviously everything that Marvel was planning with Wakanda has had to be reworked after... Continue Reading →

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Kraven?!

This is crazy! We finally have a Kraven and it is none other than Quicksilver coming in to play the world's greatest Huntsman. Yes, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to play Kraven the Hunter in his own solo film. We had previously learned that J.C. Chandor is going to be directing the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff and... Continue Reading →

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