SeppinRek’s Saviors

What were we doing all summer?

Well, we were working on our first team-up book. Not only was the book a labor of love between Seppin, Rek and MSR, but it’s the first time our group of characters that we’ve introduced worked together.

Saviors has been released and we hope you love it as much as we do!


Our heroes are forced to come together against a rising threat! Darq a.k.a Alex Pearson: Brooklyn’s fierce vigilante Agent Armory: Time traveling WWII British Soldier Brawler: Dion Anderson. The goodhearted protector of Harlem Wave: Sara Thomas. Journalist and telekinetic wonder Oculus: Brilliant young mind and tech guru Strike: Jordan Christian. Brooding loner with the elemental power of lightening. Rexwind: Dan Christian. Chicago’s newest sensation and master of wind. The Worldwide Security Association has brought together the world’s greatest to face a dangerous criminal and to also capture one of the country’s most brutal mob bosses. The stakes are high and tempers flare, as ego’s, and trust issues, attempt to unravel the team. Can these heroes become our saviors? Or will it all be lost at the hands of a malicious madman? Saviors is the first collaboration comic book novel with Ethan Barczak and Wyatt Barczak of SeppinRek Entertainment,, and Amazon best-selling author Shannon Barczak.



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