Seppin Reviews: Batman: White Knight

Welcome back! Today we will be reviewing Batman: White Knight which was written by Sean Murphy and art by… Sean Murphy.




So this was Sean Murphy’s passion project that may have inadvertently launched the whole DC Black label. I’m not joking because this book came out right as they were thinking of doing the black label so it cool to see that they did a rerelease under the black label. I also just love the concept, in which the Joker becomes sane and starts to fight for Gotham and is trying to make it a better city without the destructive Batman. And I’ll also say that this is one of my favorite books. Ever!

The whole story is just so smart. No little nod or secret in the background is left behind as a cliffhanger. It’s all answered and it all serves a greater purpose. The writing is brilliant because it makes sense for Batman and his family to respond in each way as well as the city. They have to be tired of Batman driving on their rooftops. I also really enjoy the world this is in. I love the MANY nods to Batman: The animated series which makes me wonder if we are in the same universe as the show half the time.

*Fan theory starts to build*

And then the art fits so well into the story too because it is perfectly drawn for the book. Murphy really went all out for this book and you can feel it. It will forever be his golden boy because this is the best Batman story that I have read in a while. I love it!

Overall, this is a must-read. It is a wonderful book and a beautiful story.




Storytelling:     5

(How good is the story? Does it stand up to others?)

Art:     5

(Does it tell the story? Does it work well with the character?)

Importance:     5

(Does this story need to be told? Is it helping the Character?)

Character:     5

(Is the character represented well? Does the writer understand the character?)


Total:     20 / 20







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