Seppin Reviews: Batman 76

Welcome back! Today we will be reviewing Batman #76 which is written by Tom King and has art by Tony S. Daniel.




I love this City of Bane story so far and I am really enjoying the direction that it is going. I really like Thomas Wayne Batman and Gotham Girl acting like the evil Batman and Robin team-up. I also really like the art and the feel of this book. I feel like the last two story arcs were a little slow, but City of bane has a good rhythm and theme to it that matches up to the rest of Tom King’s run.

What I liked about this issue was mostly the side stories that are going on during this City of Bane story arc. I like how Captain Atom shows up, I mean surely the superhero community has some issues with Bane taking over Gotham. I also really enjoyed Gotham Girl just wailing on him. But this lead to a great Moment between Tim Drake and Damian because they actually discuss why they aren’t welcome to Gotham and its one of the few times that the two have ever had a deep and emotional conversation. I am still waiting for Bruce and Selina to “completely” meet up again since they haven’t met since the failed wedding.

Overall, this was a really strong issue and I can’t wait to see how this story ends.




Storytelling:     5

(How good is the story? Does it stand up to others?)

Art:     5

(Does it tell the story? Does it work well with the character?)

Importance:     3.5

(Does this story need to be told? Is it helping the Character?)

Character:     4

(Is the character represented well? Does the writer understand the character?)


Total:     17.5 / 20







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